Have you ever wanted to build that dream house or maybe add some square footage to your present home? Maybe you want to completely restore that old historic home that needs some TLC but you aren't really sure what to do to get started. We are the solution.

Head Honcho will consult you through the project from start to finish. With over 25 years experience we have literally seen and done it all. We will give you all of the knowledge and information for you to make this dream a reality.


We want to make sure this project falls under the lines of a consulting project. We come and meet with you and discuss the project designs and specifications to assess if things are doable. We will discuss what you really want out of the project and the direction you want to go. We will also look into permits to see what is needed going forward.

Contractors and Sub Contractors

These typically aren't small jobs so a lot of hands are involved. We will sort of the proper (insured and licensed) contractors and sub contractors for you. After locking down the right people for the job we will work out payment schedules and payment arrangements for you and the contractors throughout the project.

No more stress!

Renovations can be very intrusive and can take over your personal life for a period of time. We help avoid this. We can offer you a stress free experience to something that might be very stressful.

We Can More Involved (Optional)

If offering our knowledge and experience isn't enough, no problem. We can become your full hands on project manager for a separate fee. You will be responsible to find all contractors and sub contractors for the job but we will help you with our knowledge and information through the due diligence process to make sure the proper people are awarded the work. We will take over all scheduling, budgeting and make sure all contractors and sub contractors are paid. We will become the main point of contact between you, the homeowner and all contractors. We will keep both parties aware of any changes that can occur in a project such as design changes or budget increase. With this option in mind we will provide you virtually a stress free solution.

*Please note that fees are based off of the project and its difficulty. Projects that are more complex can result in a higher fee.

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