Have a project that you've been wanting to do yourself but not sure if you can handle it? Let us introduce you to the Head Honcho DIY Program. We are offering a service that no other company provides. Our DIY program will give you the knowledge and information to help you complete that DIY project from start to finish.

Maybe you have a small front landing with a set of stairs or a small tile project in a front entrance that you want to do yourself. These may be projects that financially couldn't be done because of the costs of a contractor but for a small fee we provide the guidance and knowledge that a general contractor can provide.

Head Honcho will come by throughout the project to make sure you still have the quality that a contractor can provide, but from yourself. Through positive re-enforcement, help creating a positive work environment along with our 25 plus years of knowledge and experience shared with you, we know our DIY program will help you become a success.

Free Assessment

We want to make sure this project falls under the lines of a DIY project. We come and meet with you and discuss the project and give our recommendations going forward. We will dicsuss what is needed to get a permit (if needed) as well we provide a schedule of work.

Paperwork, Material List and Explanations

Now that we have defined that is in fact a DIY project a fee is charged for us to gather a material list of what is needed for the project as well as a verbal and written explanation of how things are done for the project and any questions are asked about this as well.

Physical Instructions (Optional)

After meeting with us you still aren't sure about things? No problem. We will come and give you some physical instructions by getting involved in the DIY. This could be us laying a few pieces of tile to show you how things need to be done or popping in a few laminate flooring pieces the proper way. An additional fee is charged for this service.


We want to make sure things are going smoothly, we check-in on your progress throughout the project to make sure things are on schedule and done right.

*Please note that fees are based off of the project and its difficulty. Projects that are more complex can result in a higher fee.

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